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    Public Works
SPRING THROUGH FALL (up to Dec. 23rd)
Thursdays, 7:00am–2:00pm Fridays, 7:00am–2:00pm Saturdays 7:00am–1:00pm
WINTER (Dec. 31st to the first Sat. in March)
Saturdays, 7:00am–1:00pm
CURBSIDE BRUSH COLLECTION (for residential homeowners only)
Brush collection has been completed for 2022. Pickups will start again in the Spring of 2023.
Brush and leaves may be brought to the Transfer Station at 59 Old Forge Road year- round during their hours of operation.
Leaf collection by the Public Works Department is expected to begin in November 2022 and
will continue into December 2022. There is no spring curbside leaf collection.
Please rake leaves to the grass strip near the edge of the road, NOT INTO THE ROAD OR BY CATCH BASIN STRuCTuRES OR OVER SIDEWALKS. Leaves must be placed on the grass strip within 5 feet of the curb so the vacuum hose can reach.
Multiple passes are made throughout town and collection is weather dependent. There is no pick-up list as the Town checks each street starting from the east side of the Town to the west side. Therefore, PLEASE DO NOT CALL TO ARRANGE PICKuP.
CURBSIDE CHRISTMAS TREE COLLECTION (for residential homeowners only)
Dates: Monday, January 2, 2023–Friday, January 27, 2023
Tree collection will be continuous through January 27, 2023. All Christmas trees should be cut to a size that is safely handled by one person. Remove all ornaments, lights, nails, tree stands, and bags. Only Christmas trees will be accepted.
Christmas trees can also be brought to the Transfer Station during their hours of operation at no cost.
Please see our website for more information on all of our programs and services:
Community Development and Public Works
Water Quality Matters
Water conservation is not on everyone’s minds when winter weather sets in, but it gives us a chance to think critically about our plumbing systems and our property to find ways to lower water usage.
     Indoor Tips
1. Inspect your plumbing for leaks and replace what is leaking or could potentially burst.
2. Know where the main shut-off valve is for your home’s plumbing. Even though we take precautions, a pipe can develop a leak or burst at any time. If your shut-off is old, or you are concerned it could break if you use it, contact a plumber for a replacement.
3. Add foam pipe insulation to exposed hot water plumbing in your basement or crawl-space
to reduce the time it takes for your shower to heat up. Pipe insulation keeps the water line hot, protects pipes from freezing, and lowers your hot water heating costs year-round.
4. Since it takes longer for your shower to heat up in winter, use a bucket to catch some of that cold water to water your indoor plants.
5. Upgrade to a tankless hot water heater. Replacing your water heater with a tankless system could mean you will get hot water much faster and, therefore, will not have to run it as long before starting your shower. You may qualify for a rebate through Energy Star.
6. Upgrade to a front-loading washer. They are more energy efficient than top-loading models and can save 10 gallons of water for each load of laundry. You may also qualify for a rebate through Energy Star or the manufacturer.
Outdoor Tips
1. Replace any leaking garden hoses or outdoor shutoffs to reduce wasted water next year.
2. Wash your car at a commercial car wash instead of using your hose at home. They reclaim the wash water and reuse it.
3. Consider replacing some of your grass lawn with native plant species that uses less water than your lawn or add a stone path or pavers. It’s a great chance to get creative with your planting scheme.
4. Plan to have your lawn aerated and/or dethatched in the spring to improve water absorption, reducing the amount of water you use to keep your lawn looking so nice. Hire a landscaper or rent the equipment yourself.
Excerpts from “Water Conservation Tips for Winter” from the Middle Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, Stephenville, TX, December 2019 & “35 Easy Ways to Save Water Around the House” from
  Departmental Phone:
860-258-2766 (Community Development & Public Works)
860-258-2733 (Building Dept.)
Stephen Sopelak, PE – Director of Public Works & Community Development/Town Engineer 860-258-7672
Joe Lentini – Field Operations and Highway Superintendent
Jason Scott – Civil Engineer/Inspection Coord. 860-258-7674
Bob Alvarado – Wetlands Agent 860-258-2734
Kim Ricci – Town Planner / Zoning Enforcement Officer
Dave Palmberg – Asst. Town Planner / Zoning
Enforcement Officer
Mike Violette – Building Official
Steve Kardys – Asst. Building Official
Elton Mancura – Asst. Building Official

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