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 Parks & Recreation
Recreational Fall Youth Soccer – Coaches
   Volunteer Coaches Needed
The Rocky Hill Parks & Recreation Youth Fall Soccer programs have been rely heavily on volunteer coaches. Whether you’re a former/ current soccer player, or have never played the sport before, we accept all coaches willing to dedicate some time to ensure our athletes have fun, safe and memorable experiences!
All volunteer coaches will be issued a $50 credit on their account at
the end of the season providing they have fulfilled the commitment and are in good standing with our department.
how to Apply
➤■ Step 1: Visit our website: and click on “Coaches Corner.”
➤■ Step 2: Print & complete the “Recreation Sports Coaching Agreement” form.
➤■ Step 3: Complete CHRO online Sexual Harassment Training and obtain copy of certificate of completion at end of course (automated).
n Per recently passed legislation, all Town staff (including part-time and seasonal employees, and volunteers) must complete an approved sexual harassment prevention training course via The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities. This is a 2 hour online training.
n Note: Once you have successfully completed the training and submitted your certificate of completion, your certification is valid for 10 years.
➤■ Step 4: Print & complete the “TOWN
OF ROCKY HILL Department of Human Resources GENERAL AUTHORIZATION / RELEASE” form.
➤■ Step 5: Submit all of the above completed paperwork directly to the Parks & Recreation Department.
Mandatory coaches Meetings
➤■ Coaches team selection process; Little Foot, Munchkin, Kicker & Dribbler divisions – Monday, August 2; 6:00pm RHHS – Location/Format TBD Once again this year we will be holding
a coaches’ selection process to help balance out the teams and try to place kids according to their teammate and coach requests. Each team needs to have representation at this very important meeting. It is the coaches’ responsibility to make sure either he/she or someone is present to represent the team as they will be selecting their team on this night.
Coaches Training & Meeting – All coaches are required to attend – Monday, August 9; 6:00pm,
RHHS – Location/Format TBD
Rosters will be handed out based on the selection process outcome along with schedules, equipment (soccer balls, cones, pop-up nets...), rules & regulations, etc.
  The Rocky Hill Parks & Recreation Department’s Youth Sports Philosophy
The Youth Sports Programs offered by the Rocky Hill Parks and Recreation Department are designed to provide a positive sports experience. The primary purpose is to offer each participant the opportunity to pursue, through recreational sports, the physical and emotional benefits of the program. We strive to maintain our sport programs so that all players will have the opportunity to gain new skills, make new friends and have fun.
The emphasis is on good sportsmanship, proper conduct, and following the rules
and polices of the Parks and Recreation Department. Although competition is a natural part of sport activities, winning is not the primary goal. We not only want our participants, but also the coaches and fans to play fairly and respect others. Cheer for ones triumphs and not for their shortcomings. Win with grace and lose with dignity. Encourage others to always do their best and try their hardest. The Code of Conduct applies to all players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.
code of conduct for Players
q Play by the rules.
w Value safety and fair play above personal gain.
e Accept the authority and respect the decision of all game officials. r Never use abusive or foul language.
t Be a good sport. Applaud all good play.
y Treat all participants as you would like to be treated.
u Always cooperate with your coach and team mates.
i Always participate for your own enjoyment and benefit.
code of conduct for Parents/spectators
The role of parents and spectators is critical to the experience the player has in the youth sports program. Please follow these guidelines:
q Support your child and the team in a positive manner. Cheer for your child and team, not against the opposing team.
w Show respect for all players, coaches, game officials and other spectators. Set a positive example with your behavior.
e Respect the decision of the officials and encourage others to do so.
r Recognize that the children are participating in the sport for fun and their
own enjoyment.
t Abide by all regulations set forth by the schools and Recreation Department for facility usage.
code of conduct for coaches
q Set a positive example for the players and spectators to follow.
w Play by the rules. Respect the decision of the officials and encourage others to
do so.
e Promote good sportsmanship and coach in a positive manner.
r Treat opposing coaches, participants and spectators with respect. t Congratulate all players on the performance.
y Provide a safe and healthy environment.
The Rocky Hill Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to remove anyone from the program or facility for failure to follow the Code of Conduct.

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