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 Cora J. Belden Library
   wild trivia
Test your knowledge about animals and wildlife in a fun, competitive program. Create a team with friends or family and play to win the Wild Trivia Trophy.
shadow theater
Unleash your creativity by creating puppets and designing your own shadow puppet theater. Create and share your plays with friends and enjoy their performances too!
Babysitters club exclusive Membership kits
Can’t get enough of Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey and Dawn? Then this club is for you! Receive membership cards, quizzes, trivia, bookmarks and more swag when you join. Then look forward to receiving personalized kits for each babysitter character with fun crafts and activities to do a home.
home Alone safety course
Take this informative and interactive course designed for kids ages 8–13 who are learning to be left at home alone. The course includes a workbook that families can fill out together that covers home safety tips.
Junior reviewers club
Get an insider sneak peek to new books by joining this exclusive book club! Read new books that are not yet available to anyone! Choose a book to read, prepare a short review of it and your comments will be shared directly with the author and publisher! Cool!
Music Bingo
Name that Tune meets Bingo! Listen to a short clip of your favorite music, match it to your card and if you get five in a row, you could be the winner! Small prizes will be awarded.
Adventure take and Make kits
Fun activities to for you to do at home.
teen Book Bundles
Sign up for a variety of themed book bundles and get some awesome books, activities, craft supplies and extra goodies to keep you busy.
teen Volunteering
Check our website for opportunities to earn community service hours and participate in volunteer projects.
More Program Highlights – Dates and Times TBD
 Armchair travel series:
Chile, Italy & London
readers theater
Do you speak gibberish, or can you mime? Try some dramatic exercises in this fun and interactive program. Put on short skits with friends with no memorization needed. No prior acting experience is needed – just bring your energy and smiles!
  Adult Programs – Dates and Times TBD
 Let the Cora J. Belden Library be your guide to some exotic locations. Explore the mountainous regions of Chile with Gerri Griswold. Always fun and insightful, Gerri returns to share beautiful pictures captured from her journeys to Patagonia, one of the most remote regions of the world, filled with some of the highest mountains in the world, with glaciers, fjords and temperate rain forests.
Take a stroll through Italy with Mariann Millard. Experience the rich and diverse Italian history, geography, language, culture and cuisine with Mariann, a licensed tour guide and dual US/Italian citizen. Experience Italy through stunning photographs and entertaining stories.
Discover the back alleys and secret places of London that most tourists miss with Dr. Richard Benfield, Professor Emeritus from CCSU. While most people visit the hotspots of London, including the palaces, royal parks, and many museums, Richard will share 20 secret locations across London. From Roman London, through Chaucer’s taverns, to the haunts of Jack the Ripper, come with us for an hour of mystery, surprise and discovery in Secret London!
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