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circuit training (ages 18+)
Circuit training involves a combination of cardio and resistance exercises that work multiple muscle groups, it helps to build overall strength while also improving muscular and cardiovascular endurance. By performing a variety of exercises with little rest, circuit training can help challenge you and your body.
Instructor: Sheryl Harle
Location: Community Center Exercise Studio and Fitness Center
Day: Tuesdays
Dates: June 18–August 20 (10 classes)
Time: 6:15–7:00pm
Fee: $50 for residents, $55 for non-residents
core and More (ages 18+)
This class focuses on strengthening the abdominals, glutes, lower back, hips, and legs either as the primary or supportive muscles. We will use mats, body weight and sometimes other equipment. This class is not always fast paced but can be at times as we work through the different muscles. You will work though some great moves for greater core strength.
Instructor: Sheryl Harle
Location: Community Center Exercise Studio Day: Tuesdays
Dates: June 18–August 20 (10 classes)
Time: 7:15–8:00pm
Fee: $50 for residents, $55 for non-residents
guided Meditation and sound healing immersion
Enjoy progressive relaxation to relieve physical tension, breathwork to calm the mind, and energy awareness to create balance and poise. Meditation and sound healing relieve stress, improve sleep, and create coherence between mind, body, and soul. Doug accompanies
your meditation with enchanting crystal bowls, chimes, and shimmery gong. Julie provides (optional) hands-on energy healing. Bring yoga mat, cushion, and/or blanket to make yourself comfortable! Please be advised that our meeting room has a hardwood floor. Chairs are provided so you may meditate while seated; but, if you prefer to lie down, bring a blanket(s), pillow, etc. for your comfort.
Instructors: Julie Montinieri (Energy Medicine Practitioner) and Doug Yaeger (Instrumentalist) Location: Community Center Activity Room 6/ Dance Room
Day: Thursdays
Dates Offered: 7/11 and 8/15 Time: 5:30–6:45pm
Fee: $15/day
Adult tennis lessons
The program is designed for beginners to advanced players looking to play tennis or tune up their game. Lessons and drills will focus on stroke development, movement and strategy. Sneakers with non-marking soles required. Bring own racket or equipment will be provided. For more information, contact the Tennis & Fitness Center at 860-563-8051. Beginner to Intermediate Instruction:
Days: Mondays & Wednesdays, Beginner to Intermediate Instruction
Session 1 Dates: June 24–July 17
Session 2 Dates: July 22–August 14
Time: 7:30–8:30pm
Location: Tennis Center, 1000 Elm St., Rocky Hill Fee: $150 for 8 classes
Intermediate to Advance Drill & Play:
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays, Intermediate to Advance Drill & Play
Session 1 Dates: June 25–July 18
(no class July 4, will be on Friday, July 5) Session 2 Dates: July 23–August 15
Time: 7:30–8:30pm
Location: Tennis Center, 1000 Elm St., Rocky Hill Fee: $150 for 8 classes
chess club with next generation chess (All Ages welcoMe!)
Our club is a melting pot of diverse individuals, from young prodigies taking their first steps
into the game to seasoned players looking to
refine their strategies. Next Generation Chess believes that chess is for everyone! Our dedicated team of experienced coaches is committed to fostering a love for the game in each and every member. Children entering our club will discover
a captivating journey of intellectual growth and
skill development. Our child-friendly curriculum is designed to introduce the fundamentals of chess in a fun and interactive way, nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities. Through engaging lessons, playful activities, and friendly competitions, young minds will flourish and form lifelong friendships. Join the fun today! Instructor: Dan Kowaleski of Next Generation Chess Location: Rocky Hill Community Center Game Room Day: Mondays
Dates: June 3–July 22 (8 classes)
Beginner Class Time (No Elo or Elo below 400): 5:15–6:00pm
Intermediate Class Time (Elo 401 and above): 6:00–6:45pm
Fee: $175
Ferry Park Boat Launch
Boat launch Passes
Resident season passes are available at the Recreation Office. The launch will open on Friday, May 24, weather pending. Seasonal passes:
●■ Rocky Hill residents: must provide a driver’s
license and current boat registration. Name and address must match on both documents. Fee: $75
●■ Non resident tax payers: must provide a driver’s license, current boat registration and recent tax bill. Name and address must match. Fee: $75
●■ Non residents: must provide a driver’s license, current boat registration and recent tax bill. Name and address must match.
Fee: $150
Location: Ferry Park
Fee: Without pass, daily launch fee for all boaters is $30. Payment of a daily admission does not go towards a Boat Launch season pass.
Join us June 19th from noon–2:30pm as we recognize, celebrate, and reflect upon this significant date in American history and the African American experience. Food trucks, entertainment, vendors, and family fun at lower Elm Ridge Park.
Join in the central connecticut health District’s Four-town walking competition
Are you looking to improve your mental and physical health and help your town win the Four- Town championship? CCHD challenges all Health District residents and employees working or living in Berlin, Newington, Rocky Hill and Wethersfield to join this friendly neighborhood competition. The Competition runs from May 1–May 31.
Thanks to Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield, participants will log their steps using the Walker Tracker website or app. Every step that you log in during the month of May helps your hometown and your body, mind, and spirit.
Registration begins online Saturday, April 1 at
Get ready to get moving and WALK THIS MAY!

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