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 Parks & Recreation\u000AAdult\u000Ayoga: sweat and surrender\u000AThe first half of this class is a vinyasa flow designed to heat the body and get into the stretch. Lots of sun salutations and poses for strength and fluidity. The second half of class will be relaxed and flowing, with some Yin yoga and some restorative \u2013 just right for relaxing and de-stressing. All skill and experience levels are welcome. We tailor the poses to you! Instructor: Virginia Hilton\u000ALocation: Community Center Exercise Room Day: Thursday\u000ADate: July 7\u2013August 25 (8 classes)\u000ATime: 6:30-7:30pm\u000AFee: $48 for residents, $53 for non-residents gentle yoga with Maura\u000AGentle Yoga offers all the benefits of yoga,\u000Abut slower, with more focus on stretching and breathing. You will develop body awareness, learn basic postures and proper alignment. You will learn a calming and relaxing practice focused on your breath. Recommended for those who are less flexible or who just like to take it more slowly. Bring a mat and wear loose comfortable clothes. Instructor: Maura Kenny\u000ALocation: Community Center Exercise Studio Day: Tuesdays\u000ADates: June 21\u2013August 30 (11 classes)\u000ATime: 5:30-6:30pm\u000AFee: $60 for residents, $66 for non-residents\u000AZumba\u000AGet an aerobic workout with a Latin twist! Zumba Fitness combines high energy and motivating music with Latin and international rhythms. The moves are easy to follow and there is no dance experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. Bring water and a towel. Instructors: Amber Saporoso (Wed & Sat)\u000AJill Krawciw (Thur) Location:ElmRidgeParkAmphitheater(Wed& Sat) Community Center Exercise Room (Thur) Wednesday Evening Session: July 20\u2013August 24 (6 classes), 6:30\u20137:30pm\u000ASaturday Morning Session: July 23\u2013August 27 (6 classes), 9:00\u201310:00am\u000AThursday Session: June 30\u2013August 25\u000A(9 classes), 5:15-6:15pm\u000AFee Residents/Non-residents: $33/$36 for Wednesdays or Saturdays, $49/$54 for Thursdays\u000Ayoga in the Park\u000AYoga in the Park is a Hatha style yoga class\u000Afor adults in good health who want the joy of movement outside with a group. Class will focus\u000Aon fun, flow-style movements, but will also provide some foundational yoga instruction. A moderate yoga challenge that benefits the joints, posture, and overall physical and mental health. Bring water, a yoga mat and wear loose comfortable clothes. You will be required to sign in each class you attend. Class will be cancelled due to inclement weather. Location: Amphitheater at Elm Ridge Park\u000ADay: Mondays\u000ADate: June 27\u2013August 22 (8 classes, no class 7/4) Time: 6:00\u20137:00pm\u000AFee: FREE\u000AAdult tennis lessons\u000AThe program is designed for beginners to advanced players looking to play tennis or tune up their game. Lessons and drills will focus on stroke development, movement and strategy. Sneakers with non-marking soles required. Bring own racket or equipment will be provided. For more information, contact the Tennis & Fitness Center at 860-563-8051. Beginner to Intermediate Instruction:\u000ADays: Mondays & Wednesdays, Beginner to Intermediate Instruction\u000ASession 1 Dates: June 27\u2013July 20\u000A(no class July 4, will be on Friday, July 8) Session 2 Dates: July 25\u2013August 17\u000ATime: 7:30\u20138:30pm\u000ALocation: Tennis Center, 1000 Elm St., Rocky Hill Fee: $150 for 8 classes\u000AIntermediate to Advance Drill & Play:\u000ADays: Tuesdays & Thursdays, Intermediate to Advance Drill & Play\u000ASession 1 Dates: June 28\u2013July 21\u000ASession 2 Dates: July 26\u2013August 18\u000ATime: 7:30\u20138:30pm\u000ALocation: Tennis Center, 1000 Elm St., Rocky Hill Fee: $150 for 8 classes\u000AFinancial wellness (Ages 18+)\u000AJoin Jessie Scanlon, CPA and Financial Wellness Guide, for a ten-week journey of uncovering your money story, gaining insight into your patterns and habits around money, and learning strategic tools guaranteed to move you towards greater financial wellness and confidence.\u000AInstructor: Jessie Scanlon holds a license as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), which led her to gather experience working in public accounting, as well as the finance department for a fast-paced start-up company in San Francisco, California. After leaving corporate accounting, she completed training to become a certified yoga instructor. Through this training, shestudiedavarietyofmindfulnesstechniquesand tools that promote overall wellness. Jessie\u2019s unique blend of strategy, from her background as a CPA, and mindfulness tools, studied in yoga training, goes well beyond a basic personal finance course to teach and promote holistic financial wellness.\u000ADay: Thursdays\u000ADates: June 23\u2013August 25 (10 classes)\u000ATime: 5:45-6:45pm\u000ALocation: Rocky Hill Community Center Activity Room 1C\u000AFee: $50\u000AAmerican sign language for Adults (ages 16+)\u000AStudents will learn the ASL alphabet and corresponding words. Basic words and phrases such as colors, numbers, family members, etc. Students will be able to sign familiar words and short phrases at the end of the course. This class is fun and educational!\u000AInstructor: Connie Davids\u000ALocation: Community Center Activity Room 2 Day: Thursdays\u000ADates: July 7\u2013August 11 (6 classes)\u000ATime: 6:00\u20136:45pm\u000AFee: $60 for residents, $66 for non-residents\u000ABoat launch Passes\u000AResident season passes are available at the Recreation Office. The launch will open on Friday, May 27, weather pending. Seasonal passes:\u000A\u25CF\u25A0 Rocky Hill residents: must provide a driver\u2019s\u000Alicense and current boat registration. Name and address must match on both documents. Fee: $75\u000A\u25CF\u25A0 Non resident tax payers: must provide a driver\u2019s license, current boat registration and recent tax bill. Name and address must match. Fee: $75\u000A\u25CF\u25A0 Non residents: must provide a driver\u2019s license, current boat registration and recent tax bill. Name and address must match.\u000AFee: $150\u000ALocation: Ferry Park\u000AFee: Without pass, daily launch fee for all boaters is $30. Payment of a daily admission does not go towards a Boat Launch season pass.\u000AAqua Zumba \u2013 Just add water and shAke!\u000AAqua Zumba is perfect for those looking to add low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise to their fitness routine. It\u2019s a party with music from around the world added to water resistance, providing\u000Aa challenging class that tones your muscles and improves overall fitness with less joint impact. The movements are specifically created for a water workout that will be enjoyed by those new to exercise, those returning to exercise, active adults looking for a new and fun, total-body routine,\u000Aor anyone who wants to let loose and shake it\u000Ato the beat in a new environment! Water shoes and proper swimwear are required. Rash guards clothing is acceptable. Bring drinking water and a towel! The ability to swim is not necessary, as all moves are executed in water no higher than a participant\u2019s armpits.\u000AInstructor: Karen Chorney\u000ALocation: Elm Ridge Park Pool\u000ADates: Monday, June 27\u2013August 1 (6 classes) Time: 10:00-10:45am\u000AFee: $33 for residents, $36 for non-residents\u000A       Memorial Day Parade\u000AMonday, May 30\u000AStarting at 9:30am at Rocky Hill High School.\u000ATo participate, please contact Rita Chhabra at\u000A12\u000A  

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