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    Youth\u000ABeginner golf camp for ages 5\u20138\u000ASkyhawks Beginning Golf is powered by Payne Stewart Golf Experiences, the recommended entry-level golf program for PGA Junior Golf Camps. The unique, games-based play program and modified learning equipment make it easier for kids to hit the ball and expereience early success. Putting, chipping, poitching,a nd full swing are all taught through games, simple repetitive motions and learning rhymes that make it easy for young kids to remember and repeat. Specially designed, age-appropriate golft equipment is provided. Gear to bring: Appropriate clothing, water bottle, sneakers, and sunscreen\u000AFood to bring: 2 snacks & water bottle Includes: T-shirt\u000ADays: Tuesday\u2013Friday\u000ADate: July 5\u20138\u000ATime: 9:00am\u201312:00pm Location: Moser School Fee: $125\u000AAdult\u000Astrength training class\u000ATotal body strength training will give you a complete workout that will help tone and reshape your body. Core workout is also included. The class will utilize free weights, bands, bars, etc., and will include standing and floor work. Some mats are available to borrow, but bringing your own is recommended.\u000Anight clAss:\u000AInstructor: Suzanne McDonald\u000ALocation: Community Center Exercise Studio Days: Monday and Wednesday\u000ADate: June 20\u2013August 10\u000A(14 classes, no class 7/4 or 7/6)\u000ATime: 6:45\u20137:30pm and 7:45\u20138:30pm\u000AFee: $77 for residents, $85 for non-residents\u000ADAy clAss:\u000AInstructor: Charmaine from Personal Euphoria Pilates\u000ALocation: Community Center Exercise Studio Days: Tuesday and Thursday\u000ADate: July 12\u2013August 25 (14 classes)\u000ATime: 12:00\u201312:45pm\u000AFee: $84 for residents, $92 for non-residents\u000ABarre\u000ABarre is a fusion of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training that will lift, tone, and sculpt as well as define and strengthen your core muscles. This full body sculpting class uses the ballet Barre (if not available, you can use a chair) and small, isometric, concentrated movements to create lean muscles. Each class incorporates an upper\u000AParks & Recreation\u000Akarate\u000ALearn the traditional art of Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate. You will learn the basics of Karate, block and striking, as it is still taught in Okinawa today. Students will learn discipline, self-confidence and how to defend themselves. The Beginner class (for ages 6\u201310) is for students with no previous training and the Advanced Karate is for ages 10 and up. Class is done barefoot. New students: wear loose comfortable clothing to class.\u000AInstructor: Master Sensei Peter Pekrul, 10th degree black belt\u000ALocation: Community Center Gymnasium Days: Tuesday and Thursday\u000ADates: June 14\u2013August 18 (18 classes, no class 7/5 or 7/7)\u000ATime: Beginner 5:30\u20136:30pm;\u000AAdvanced 6:30\u20137:30pm\u000AFee: $81 for residents, $88 for non-residents\u000Atennis lessons for ages 4-17\u000AQuickstart Tennis (ages 4\u201313) is designed to\u000Abring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified games tailored to the age and size of the player.\u000Abody workout and a combination of high-intensity sequences of thigh, glute, and core exercises at the Barre. The fluid class is set to upbeat music\u000Aat a vigorous pace to get your heart pumping! Classical Barre is a more traditional style of Barre. Please be prepared with a water, mat, 2\u20133 and 5\u20138 pound hand weights, and 9 inch ball. Resistance loop resistance bands are recommended as well. Instructor: Allison from Personal Euphoria Location: At Home with Zoom\u000ADay: Monday\u000ADates: July 11\u2013August 29 (8 classes)\u000ATime: 5:45\u20136:30pm\u000AFee: $56 for residents, $62 for non-residents\u000APilates\u000AExercises focus on the core muscles which includes the abs, back, glutes, and shoulders. We work to create balance and strength in your trunk and loose, limber limbs. Pilates strives to make you strong and long while improving balance, coordination, and posture. Every part of the body gets worked and you\u2019ll discover muscles you never knew you had. Please be prepared with a mat, a water, a green (medium weight) flex band, and a 7.5\u20139 inch stability ball.\u000AInstructor: Rob from Personal Euphoria Location: At Home with Zoom\u000ADay: Tuesday\u000ADates: July 12\u2013August 30 (8 classes)\u000ATime: 6:00\u20136:45pm\u000AFee: $56 for residents, $62 for non-residents\u000AThe High School program (ages 14\u201317) is designed for beginners to advanced players looking to play tennis or level up their game. Sneakers with non- marking soles required. Bring your own tennis racquet but some will be available to borrow, if needed. For more information, contact Miguel Garcia at the Tennis & Fitness Center of Rocky Hill at 860-563-8051.\u000ADays: Vary based on level, see below\u000ASession 1 Dates: weeks of June 27, July 4, 11, and 18, no class on July 4, will be on Friday, July 8 Session 2 Dates: weeks of July 25, Aug. 1, 8, & 15 Time:\u000ARed Ball, 36\u2019 court, 4\u20138 year olds - Monday/ Wednesday \u2013 5:30-6:30pm\u000AOrange Ball, 60\u2019 court, 7\u201310 year olds - Monday/ Wednesday \u2013 6:30-7:30pm\u000AGreen Ball, 78\u2019 court, 10\u201313 year olds \u2013 Tuesday/ Thursday \u2013 5:30-6:30pm\u000AHigh School, 78\u2019 court, Beginner to Team Player, 14\u201317 year olds \u2013 Tuesday/Thursday \u2013 6:30-7:30pm\u000ALocation: Tennis Center, 1000 Elm Street Fee: $150 for 8 classes\u000Ahigh interval training\u000A(AKA Interval Strength) Interval Training is a great way to increase your endurance and can increase aerobic capacity in just two days of training. This is a high intensity class. We\u2019ll focus on endurance training, strength training, and all-over body toning. You\u2019ll be sprinting, jump roping, resistance training, and doing plyometrics (which involves jumping). While modifications will be given, this may not be a suitable class for individuals with certain knee or ankle injuries. The class flies\u000Aby and no muscle goes untouched. Please be prepared with a water, mat, towel, 5\u20138 pound hand weights, and a jump rope.\u000AInstructor: Maggie from Personal Euphoria Pilates Location: At Home with Zoom\u000ADay: Wednesday\u000ADates: July 13\u2013August 17 (7 classes)\u000ATime: 7:45\u20138:30am\u000AFee: $42 for residents, $46 for non-residents\u000Acore strength training\u000AThis functionally, fun class provides a complete workout that will help tone and reshape your\u000Abody. You will use light weights, bands, and your own body weight to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina to sculpt and tone. Be prepared with a water, yoga mat, and light weights. Instructor: Rob from Personal Euphoria Location: At Home with Zoom\u000ADay: Thursday\u000ADates: July 14\u2013September 1 (8 classes) Time: 6:00\u20136:45pm\u000AFee: $56 for residents, $62 for non-residents\u000A           11\u000A  

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