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Community Development and Public Works
Public Works
Brush Pickup
The Highway Department collects limbs, branches, brush and shrubs placed at the curb by the residential homeowners. The intent is
to allow residential homeowners to properly dispose of tree and shrub clippings, dead or fallen branches as a result of storms and routine yard maintenance.
The Town of Rocky Hill will have three (3) collections for brush pickup in 2020:
Spring – May 18-22
Summer – July 20–24
Fall – September 21–25
For the remainder of the year, brush and leaves may be brought to the Transfer Station at 59 Old Forge Road year round. There is no pick up list as the Town checks each street starting from the east side (Connecticut River) of the Town and works west. Therefore, PLEASE DO NOT CALL to arrange pick up.
AccePtABle PrActiceS or mAteriAlS:
●● Branches shall be no larger than (8”) eight inches round,
●● Branches shall be no longer the (8’) eight feet in length
●● Brush shall be stacked with the cut or butt ends facing the street
●● Brush MUST be stacked neatly in the same direction, NOT CRISS-CROSSED
The Town reserves the right to limit the amount per property to one truck load or up to (10) ten cubic yards, (6’ wide x 6’ high pile, 8’ long). Amounts exceeding this may be dropped off at the Transfer Station by the homeowner during normal business hours.
UnAccePtABle PrActiceS or mAteriAlS:
●● No logs over (8”) eight inches round
●● No “whole” trees removals
●● No construction debris, metal or stone
●● Do not stack next to light poles, wires, electrical boxes, signs, fire hydrants or mail boxes.
If brush is not removed, an explanation of
why will be left on a door knocker at entrance
of home. Brush Pick-Up is for residential homeowners only, not for commercial properties, apartment or condominium complexes, land clearing and whole tree removals.
Departmental Phone: 860-258-2766 (General) 860-258-2733 (Building Dept.)
Jim Sollmi, PE, LS – Director of Community Development and Public Works,
Stephen Sopelak, PE - Town Engineer
Joe Lentini – Field Operations and Highway Superintendent
Bob Alvarado – Wetlands Agent
Kim Ricci – Town Planner
Dave Palmberg – Zoning Enforcement Officer
Mike Violette – Building Official
Steve Kardys – Asst. Building Official 860-258-7676
Water Quality Matters
improve Drainage and control runoff on your Property
●● Reduce impervious surfaces on your property by minimizing the amount of concrete, asphalt or packed gravel.
●● Use permeable materials such as brick or stone for driveways, walks, patios and landscapes to maximize the amount of water soaking into the ground.
●● Increase infiltration by directing roof gutters and pavement runoff towards rain gardens, grass swales, vegetated filter strips or drywells.
●● Collect roof runoff in rain barrels and use to water household or landscape plants.
●● Install gravel trenches or French drains along patios and driveways to collect and initiate rainfall
and snowmelt (direct drains away from your foundation).
●● Seed or re-sod bare or dying patches of lawn as quickly as possible.
●● Use landscaping mulch or wood chips to stabilize eroded areas or exposed earth.
●● Plant thick growing, hearty ground covers on steep or disturbed slopes.
●● Minimize lawn area and maximize the number of shrubs and trees to promote infiltration and reduce runoff (especially important on larger lots).
Please see our website for more information:
Each resident is permitted to bring up to 3 copy paper-sized boxes or brown paper bags of material to be shredded. Driver’s license required for proof of residency. Paper only.
Dates: May 9 & September 12 Time: 9:00am–2:00pm Location: Stevens School 322 Orchard Street
Please see our website for more information:

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