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 Parks & Recreation
Recreational Youth Basketball
Coaching is more than knowing the game. The ability to teach age appropriate athletic skills is equally as important as being aware of the needs of the children participating in sports. We accept all coaches willing to dedicate their time to give our young athletes a fun, safe and memorable experience. Volunteer coaches are needed for the Dunkers Basketball Clinic for grades 1–2 and the Youth Basketball League for grades 3–8.
For all new and returning coaches:
n Visit our website and click on “Coaches.” All information is there.
Mandatory Meetings for grades 3–8:
mandatory coaches meeting: A league meeting will be held on Monday, November 15 at 6:00pm. Coaches will receive team rosters, equipment, rules and regulations. All coaches are required to attend. Coaches will notify parents/players of team placement between November 17 and November 19.
As a thank you for coaching and their commitment to the players, all volunteer coaches will be issued a $50 credit on their account at the end of the season providing they have completed the season and are in good standing with our department.
Travel Basketball League
For those wanting a more intense program that requires travel to area towns, try out for Travel Basketball.
Teams available: 4th-8th boys and 5th–8th girls. Away games can be a 20–60 minute drive. Consistent attendance at practices
is expected and equal playing time is not mandated, but rather determined at the coach’s discretion. For those making the teams, travel basketball will be the primary sport during the season. Players are expected to forego other sports, and attend practices and games in the event of conflicts. There is
a fundraising commitment, including the sale of discount cards, plus the cost of a uniform. Team selection will be based on tryouts in September. Each team will likely be limited to 10–12 players. Players not selected for the travel team will be refunded the registration fee and can play in the recreation league. Players cannot play in the travel league and the recreational league at the same time. Fee: $150 for 4th grade; $200 for 5th–8th grades
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    Coaches Needed –
Travel Basketball League
coaches are needed for 5th grade boys and 5th grade girls for the 2021–22 season. if interested, please submit your playing and coaching resume to the Recreation Office ASAP. The Travel Basketball executive Board will hold interviews in September.

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