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Recreational Youth Basketball
   Participants will learn the fundamentals of basketball and become a team player while having fun in our recreational basketball league with the support of our volunteer coaches. Learn the game of basketball through weekly practices and games.
Divisions for Basketball
7th–8th grade boys:
Saturday, December 2, 12:00–1:30pm
4th–5th grade girls:
Sunday, December 3, 9:00–10:30am
6th–8th grade girls:
Sunday, December 3, 10:45am–12:15pm
5th–6th grade boys:
Sunday, December 3, 12:30–2:00pm
Scrimmage: All teams will scrimmage on Saturday, December 16. This will involve a full game, but the focus will be on helping to reinforce player’s understanding of rules before entering the main season of games.
Games: Will be held Saturdays, January 6– March 2. The schedule will be on our website in December. Games canceled for inclement weather may not be made up.
Dunkers Basketball Clinic (grades 1–2)
Get ready for our recreational league by learning the basics in our Dunkers Basketball Clinics! Basketball fundamentals and development of basic skills will be the focus of this clinic. Everyone will get a t-shirt. Coaches are needed!
Days: Saturdays
Date: December 16–March 2 (10 weeks, no program on 12/23 or 12/30)
Time: 1st Grade @ 8:30–9:45am,
2nd Grade @ 9:45–11:00am
Location: Moser School
Fee: $110
High School Boys League (grades 9–12)
This league will start after RHHS picks their teams. The boys will be divided into teams and will coach themselves. The league will be overseen by a League Supervisor. Participants must be paid and registered by December 7 to be placed on a team. Days: Wednesdays
Date: Draft will be held December 7 and will be conducted by the League Supervisor and Team Captains; games will be held Wednesdays, December 20–February 28 (10 games, no games on 12/27). Tournament will be held on March 2nd at Rocky Hill High School.
Time: Games at 5:45, 6:40, 7:35 and 8:30pm Location: Moser School
Fee: $110
  1st–2nd grade, see Dunkers Clinic
 1st–2nd grade, see Dunkers Clinic
 3rd–4th grade league
  3rd–5th grade league
 5th–6th grade league
6th–8th grade league
  7th–8th grade league
  9th–12th grade league, see high school
   3rd-8th Grade League
Fee: $110/child
Registration will open on August 28 and run through October 22.
Late registration: Anyone registering after October 22 will be placed on a waitlist and will be assigned to a team as openings are made available. Participation is not guaranteed for players registering after October 22.
Practice: Every team practices 1 hour/week. Day and time depends on team placement. Practice time slots are Monday–Friday between 5:00 and 9:00pm and will start the week of November 27.
Team Placement: Teams will be created with the help of each division’s coaches with intentions of making them as balanced as possible. To do this, we have scheduled evaluation periods for staff AND COACHES to properly evaluate each child’s skill levels. Coaches should plan to attend the evaluations! We cannot honor requests for specific coaches or teammates. There are no guarantees for teams, coaches, or practice nights. Team placement is final. Coaches will notify parents/players of team placement/practice details between November 7 and 11.
Evaluations: In an effort to make teams
as balanced as possible, we have scheduled evaluations for players based on division. Coaches should plan to attend evaluations and will work together to rate players and then take part in a draft. The draft will be held immediately following the evaluation for each division. The evaluation schedule is as follows.
3rd–4th grade boys:
Saturday, November 4 from 9:00–10:15am
(draft from 10:15–11:00am), player arrival: 8:40am
5th–6th grade boys:
Saturday, November 4 from 10:30–11:45am
(draft from 11:45am–12:30pm) player arrival: 10:10am
7th–8th grade boys:
Saturday, November 4 from 12:00–1:15pm (draft from 1:15–2:00pm), player arrival: 11:40am
3rd–5th grade girls:
Saturday, November 4 from 1:30–2:45pm
(draft from 2:45–3:30pm), player arrival: 1:10pm
6th–8th grade girls:
Saturday, November 4 from 3:00–4:15pm (draft from 4:15–5:00pm) player arrival: 2:40pm
All evaluations will be held at Moser School
Clinics: A clinic will be held for all players on Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday, December 3rd at Moser School. Clinics will primarily focus on basic skills fundamentals before we kick off the season! David Vasquenza, owner of WINS For Life, will be the Lead Coach/Coordinator for the clinics. Team coaches should plan to attend and will help coordinate skill drills and stations, with direction from Dave. This is a great opportunity for coaches to pick up some new techniques and methods for running more efficient and productive practices!
3rd grade boys and girls (co-ed):
Saturday, December 2, 9:00–10:15am
4th grade boys:
Saturday, December 2, 10:30–11:45am

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